The Leicestershire-based T shirt printing company Fanela are about to complete one of their biggest orders ever!

14,000 t shirts have been printed, not just once, but twice – on front and back – in a complex multi stage t shirt printing method.

The t shirt printing order, for a national next day delivery courier company, has been competed in a record ten days and is delivered to the client later today!

All 14,000 multi-sized t shirts have been printed with a lithographic transfer. In this process, the image for both the front and back of the t shirt is first printed (with specially created inks) onto transfer paper – essentially creating a traditional fabric transfer.

A strong and long-lasting fabric adhesive is then screen printed on to this transfer image, so that the transfer itself (with adhesive on) can then be heat pressed to the t shirt.

All in all, some four or five t shirt printing processes are used to apply the front and back designs to 14,000 t shirts. That’s an incredible 28,000 impressions in just 10 days!

Artie Pallari, Managing Director of Fanela said:
“We love orders like this as they really require us to work together, across all departments to ensure that the product is delivered perfectly, and on time. And of course we are delighted to be working on such a complex t shirt printing order with a big corporate client too.”